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Thu Sep 28 03:57:12 EST 1995

Douglas C Pearson (dopearso at wrote:
> Primoz Peterlin <peterlin at BIOFIZ.MF.UNI-LJ.SI> wrote:
> >On 24 Sep 1995 SPAMKING at wrote:
>                 ^^^^^^^^ hey, at least he admits it.  8-)

> >>[gratuitous spam deleted]
> >
> >Am I the only one thinking that the future of Bionet are moderated lists?

> yeah, BUT.

[good point on honest moderation deleted]

Another problem is that the current mechanism of moderation can quite
easily be circumvented. So, moderation doesn't let you get completely
rid of spamming, it only easens the burden.

Dave, since we have this discussion every now and then, could you
maybe add it to the FAQ? (Or maybe it's already covered?)


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