What causes DNA band smearing

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Fri Sep 29 10:42:01 EST 1995

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>Hi, I have a problem. I recently ran  a gel electrophoresis on genomic 
>DNA of Arabidopsis. Samples that were run wre restricted with SAU3A, 
>EcoRI and MLUI. I got lanes of smears throughout instead of bands.
>what was this due to? 
>Could it be  a result of multiple restriction at different sites?
>Can someone offer help? Plese post answers back to the mewsgroup. Thanks! 
Yes. For anyone familar with digesting genomic DNA for Southern blot analysis
this is what you expect and want. Genomic DNA will contain countless restriction
sites scattered throughout the genome for any particular restriction enzyme you use
for Southern blotting. I suggest that you should read any Molecular Biology text,
preferably one that explains such molecular biology techniques.

Best of luck

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