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        Address all correspondence and submissions to:
        Editor, DUJOUR/Biology
        Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology
        Drexel University
        Philadelphia, PA 19104

        E-mail: David M. Hallowell, Editor
                st93q84w at

                Dr. Presley F. Martin, Faculty Advisor
                martinpf at

The Drexel University Journal of Undergraduate Research in Biology
(DUJOUR/Biology) is a student written and produced journal designed to
promote interest in biological research among undergraduates. The goal of
the Journal is to allow students to participate fully in the whole process
of scientific research from the conception of a project to the publication
of the final results. It is fairly common for students to have the
opportunity to participate in a research project and to write a report for
their supervisor or professor. It is much less common for them to have the
opportunity to usher a paper through the publication process as the primary

In addition to publishing student research projects, DUJOUR/Biology will
promote interest in research by publishing a variety of other types of
articles related to working in a research laboratory or with currently
important areas of research. A summary of the types of articles that
student authors may contribute is listed below.

DUJOUR/Biology is sponsored and funded by the Enhanced Bioscience Education
Program (EBE) in the Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology at Drexel
University. The EBE program is an NSF funded curriculum development project
which emphasizes active participation approaches to science education.
Please see the first article in this issue for an overview of the EBE

If you are interested in contributing to DUJOUR/Biology as an author,
editor, or artist, please contact Dr. Presley F. Martin or David M.
Hallowell, or stop by the Bioscience Resource Center in room 107 Stratton
Hall to get more information.

Types of Submissions

1. Editorial
Opinion based letters to the editor on current biologically related issues.

2. Student Perspective
Description of personal experiences in research, academia, or industry.

3. Original Research
Unpublished original research written in the format of a scientific paper
(introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, references).

4. Review of Research
Description and/or discussion of scientific papers with a common theme.
Topics can range from a historical review to an analysis of "cutting edge"

5. Technical Profile
Description of a novel research protocol or technique, which was developed
by the author, and used in the laboratory or field.

6. Class Projects
Outstanding examples of investigative projects conducted in class labs will
be included in each issue.

7. Miscellaneous
Any other submissions are welcomed. Please contact the editor for detailed
instructions for submission.

If you would like a copy of the inaugural issue of DUJOUR, send your 
address and US$4.00 to the above address.  Checks may be made payable to 
Drexel University.

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