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On 29 Sep 1995 ei952875 at wrote:

> One must have plenty of free time so that he or she can not 
> find anything more
> constructive to do but talk about a bombing psychopath...
> M.

No, on the contrary. The context of Unabomber just happen
to be this trigger which propelled quite interesing
discussion on problems important for ALL OF US (professors,
students, postdocs, etc). Even if his views are "naive",
"simplistic", "anarchistic", or whatever, the ISSUES 
behind them are for real and should be profoundly discussed
rather than discarded.     

Yes, you may infer that people do have too much free
time if they can venture in such intensive discussion.

But if we (scientists) are NOT discussing OUR issues 
than who will ? One of our PRIME social functions (and
sorry for hated word - RESPONSIBILITIES) is that the 
scientific community maintains significant level of
CRITICAL POTENTIAL for the society at large. We should 
not forget that in some way it is a PRIVELEGE and
consequently spending time (and mental energies) on 
discussions like this one is NOT LESS IMPORTTANT [ and 
not in lesser degree is covered by our pay dollars as 
scientists (whatever our $-amount and pay sources can 
be in each individual case)] than our so called 
"direct research duties". 

It is not less important to know HOW to do genetic
engineering than to know WHY to do it (even if we
paid for HOW, not for WHY).

Without our disagreements and clashes of views (e.g. 
objectivsts versus constructivists and post-modernists, 
etc), the world will be a much more dull place to be.

Please, keep disussing the ISSUES, rather than 
personalities of psychopaths.   

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