The Fleecing of America by Biomedical Research Administration

Leonard P. Paplauskas paplauskas at
Mon Apr 1 12:53:32 EST 1996

mike.straka at (Michael S. Straka) wrote:

>What I want to know is, why are scientists looked upon as the scum that >administrators have to deal with?    

No one who works in my organization has this perspective!  I'm sorry to 
hear that other institutions have such problems.  Unfortunately, you 
assume that your experience is replicated at every other research 
institution.  I don't buy that.

>THEY are the ones who know science.  THEY are the ones who most likely 
>solicited the dollars which pay your salary.  If not for the existence
>of scientific research, you would not have your job.

I agree 100%.  My philosophy is that administration is a service, one 
which has to provide a cost competitive service to its customers.  So 
what's your point?  


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