[Q] Systems for comparing the value of natural areas

Kate McCombs kate at capella.inmap.co.nz
Mon Apr 1 03:56:43 EST 1996

I'm looking at ways of comparing the values of natural areas.  Any pointers
to publications or web resources dealing with ways of assigning numerical
values to attributes such as rarity, bio-diversity, unusualness, size etc.

I'm particularly interested in methods that have been used to 'average' scores
to allow an overall ranking of different sites.  Simply taking the arithemetic
average of the scores of each attribute has the undesirable result of assigning
a low score where a site has outstanding value of one attribute, but low scores
for all the others.  Are there any methods of score aggregation that avoid
this type of problem that have been used?

The other issue I'm interested in is methods for comparing dissimilar sites, e.g.
a wetland and a forest?

Replies by email would be appreciated as it takes a while for news to filter
back here.  I'll post a summary.

TIA, Kate

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