"breaking out of the postdoc grind"

JAKK321 jakk321 at aol.com
Mon Apr 1 10:11:09 EST 1996

I have a few questions that I hope someone can answer.... 
How does one break out of the postdoc cycle?  Since most places want their
incoming tenure-track professors to have independent funding (e.g. R29),
it is usually necessary to have your own grant already, to get the job. 
Do you agree?

However, how do you apply for such a grant, when the prerequisite is to be
affiliated with an institution?  

If you are a postdoc, and it is amenable to your advisor, then perhaps you
can put in for an R29.  But my question is, what if this is not an option?

Also, in the physiology/neuroscience, what is a reasonable time to do a
postdoc.  How would well would you rate someone with a 3 year postdoc
experience (2 different postdoc positions) with authorship on 5
peer-reviewed articles, 5-6 review articles, and ~7 posters - and have
exemplified the ability to get post-graduate funding (e.g. postdoc

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