Wanted: Help w/ behavior genetics

masonjd at wofford.edu masonjd at wofford.edu
Tue Apr 2 22:53:48 EST 1996

Doctors, Professors, and anyone interested:
	I am a college student doing a research term paper on behavior genetics 
for a genetics class.  At the moment, I have found very few articles and
studies that have been published (our library is not high class).  I am
particularly interested in studies determining whether behavior has a genetic
basis or an environmental one.  If you have any useful information or know of
any WWW sites that might be of use to me, please respond via e-mail or through
the reliable postal service.

Masonjd at wofford.edu

Or write:
Josh Mason
Wofford College
429 N. Church St.
Spartanburg, SC 29303

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