Putting something back in..

Stephen Mulcahy smulcahy at acer.gen.tcd.ie
Thu Apr 4 08:55:53 EST 1996

I'm making this posting in an effort to provide some
return for the assistance I've been provided on the 
bionet news-groups during the year. I'm sure if they will
be of any use to anyone, but just in case, I've made two
assignments I've done available on my web-pages.

One deals with Bacterial Meningitis and the other deals
with the toxicology of Cigarette smoking. I hope to put
others up as and when I get them done and html-ised.

Thanks for your time and assistance,


Stephen Mulcahy
4th Industrial Biochemistry Undergraduate
University of Limerick, Ireland

www: http://skynet.ul.ie/~stephen

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