mad people not mad cows!

Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Thu Apr 4 18:53:46 EST 1996

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Hauswald Charles l wrote:

> All,
> 	The scientific debate about Mad Cow disease would not be complete 
> without the words of wisdom from one of the members of Britains' parliment: 
> "We don't have mad cows, people are mad about bad meat!"  Is this response a 
> case of symantics or a failure for the scientific community to adequately 
> communicate the importance of the issue?  What do you think?

Yes, in a sense one can say that every community (of
whomever) is mad in its own way, but paraphraizing 
Aldous Huxley, some are far more mad than the others.

The specificity of science community madness is this.

If you take (almost) any other professional group,
its members generally support each other. Take,
for example laywers representing adversary side of a
court process. Superficially, they appear to be

But in fact they are allies in JOB CREATION FOR EACH
OTHER. Marcia Clarke and Shapiro (forgot other key
names) all help each other rip up millions from 
the OJ affair.

NOT SO FOR THE SCIENITISTS: by using so called 'peer
review' (secretive bashing of one another) and a so 
called model of 'funding selectivity' justified by (mythical)
'competition for excellence' they (scientists) generally
involved in a business of taking away jobs from 
each other. This mutual JOB DESTRUCTION (done by
primarilly by scientists) is what happening today
at ever increasing scale - nothing short of (potenially
suicidal) madness of the entire group.

Unless scientists find the way to stop madness
of competition and replace it by cooperation, our 
whole species is looking for extinction (and deservingly
so, I believe).

Alex Berezin  


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