hemoglobin and NO

William Tivol tivol at news.wadsworth.org
Thu Apr 4 10:19:05 EST 1996

Allen Adler (adler at pulsar.wku.edu) wrote:

: In the NY Times a few days ago, there was an article about
: a recently discovered aspect of hemoglobin, namely that it
: also carries nitrous oxide in a part of the molecule not near
: the iron.

Dear Allen,
	The ability of hemoglobin to carry NO (nitric oxide) on the oxygen
binding site has been known for a while.  The off-rate is < that for CO, 
and the on-rate is about the same, making NO more toxic than CO.  Of course,
there are other properties of NO which also make it toxic.
	Did the NYT article discuss N2O--nitrous oxide--or NO?  My guess is
N2O, since that would, indeed, be recent, and N2O does not bind to the heme.
				Bill Tivol

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