Marc Andelman drgonfly at
Mon Apr 8 14:51:57 EST 1996

> Bert Wrote;

> That Patents should and must be awarded to INDIVIDUALS who
> established the invention.  That these INDIVIDUALS should and must
> be 'free agents' to sell these PATENTS to corporations when and
> if they wish to.
> I agree that , if patents more individuals controlled patents,
then more inventions would be commercialized.  Inventions
fall by the wayside often because a bureaucracy cannot pursue
commercializaton with the same zeal as an individual .
I reiterate, it is wrong for universities to own patents, or
assign them to the scientists that work there.  These people
should not have it both ways. If they want to spend public tax
money, they should put the results in the public domain.
Anything else is theft, and is using the power of the state
to put a gun to my head and put my money in my competitors
pockets, just because they happen to be politically  more
favoured.  This is corruption at it's finest.

Marc "the South was right after all" Andelman

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