What's interesting in biology?

Uli Strych strych at dna.bchs.uh.edu
Tue Apr 9 09:49:47 EST 1996

George Chang wrote:
> I need a topic for a research paper on anything that has to do with
> biology.  I'm stuck with no ideas of what to do it on...I would like
> something interesting but not overused (like how does the brain work
> or genetic engineering).  If I need to, I'll do it on some boring
> thing like protein synthesis, but if anyone has any ideas, e-mail me
> or reply.  thanx
> *gc*just a few suggestions:
- bioluminescence
- protein transport systems in bacteria
- two component regulation systems in bacteria
- chemotaxis (how do bacteria react to attractants/repellents)
- prions (i.e. what could be behind BSE ?)
- drosophila as a model organism in eukaryotic genetics
- human infections caused by viruses
Why don't you thumb through one of the latest issues of "Scientific 
American" or sth like that? Perhaps you'll find a paper that sounds 
interesting to you - and you'll have a nice background to start your 
Anyway, once you really started sth, you'll like it (I hope).

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