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Tue Apr 9 20:24:02 EST 1996

Position:    Senior Gene Transfer Scientist

Midwestern USA. Excellent academic and community settings. Reports
directly to VP Research (Former CMA Placement). Compensation to include
base salary, stock options, relocation, etc..  Please contact: Richard
Steinman, Career Marketing Associates, Colorado  800-638-8903 or
303-779-8890 (Voice);  800-779-8129 or 303-779-8139(FAX) or
RStein7232 at, rstein29 at All fees employer paid.  All
inquiries will be kept in confidence.  What other groups might I post this
search or be researching? Thanks in advance for your networking help. 

Develop proprietary gene transfer technology including: prototype
design/evaluation, definition of technological optimums, assessment of
stable gene integration and expression, assessment of technical utility of
system for gene delivery vehicles and various target cells/tissues,
ultimate development of product configurations for research and clinical
embodiments of the technology. 

-Primary Duties: Design and conduct experiments to optimize technologies.
Maintain and produce regular supplies of gene carriers for
experimentation. Assess transduction efficiency in target cell populations
by reporter systems and molecular biology techniques. Define research and
clinical applications for gene transfer/gene therapy.Write reports
detailing experimental results and describing the technical significance
of the results. Participate in multi-functional program team to develop
prototypes for the gene transfer technology. Assist in the assessment of
gene transfer to stem/progenitor cells. Interface and train scientists in
the use of the technology. Extend demonstrated utility of technology and
participate in filing patents.

-Secondary Duties: Represent the company to external scientists and
investors. Present data at internal seminars. Maintain a laboratory
notebook and records in compliance with GLP requirements and company SOPs.

-Required Experience:
2+ years in gene transfer experimentation. Thorough knowledge of gene
carrier/delivery systems, including retoviruses, adenovirus,
adeno-associated virus, liposomes and naked DNA.  Working knowledge of
gene therapy applications. Experience in molecular biology and techniques
to demonstrate stable integration of transferred genes in target cells.
Familiarity with reporter gene systems and gene marking technology for
mammalian cells.  Working knowledge of potential gene transfer target cell
types. Experience in maintaining human cell lines. Knowledge in retroviral
packaging cell lines. Knowledge of gene transfer vector design and

-Additional Desirable Experience:  Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells
and assays;. Human T-cell expansion and functional assays. Mammalian
bioreactor operation for expansion of cell lines. Flow atometry. Design of
oligonucleotide probes.

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