Sue Won So sso at
Wed Apr 10 12:37:02 EST 1996

Alright, gentlemen.  I'm sorry I even brought up the suggestion that 
Ph.D.s enter patent law.  I think you've all impressed the rest of us 
with your rhetorical hoop jumping.  The only 
thing I'd like to add is...LIGHTEN UP FOLKS!  You're sounding like a 
bunch of armchairs academians!  Haven't your DNA samples run off the gel 
yet?  Can't you hear your cells calling "we're hungry"?  If I were lucky 
enough to be at a bench again, I certainly wouldn't be whining about the 
patent law system or corporate oppression without offering solutions to 
the problems presented. 

If you are offended at all by what I've said, I am truly apologetic.  I'm 
writing this with a smile and hoping to interject a little levity into 
what is perceived to be a rather terse debate.  Science is fun, 
remember?  We didn't get into it for the $.  There are much quicker, 
better ways to get rich.  ;)   


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