tumor viruses

Fri Apr 12 08:31:15 EST 1996

  I'm a student of medicine.If you please answer my question about 
  tumor viruses.
  when a retrovirus infect a host cell,with the help of reverse 
  transcriptase and integrase enzymes it's DNA enters the host   
  chromosome and becomes part of it's genome.But in the case of a DNA
  tumor virus,which mechanism protect the viral DNA.I mean it doesn't
  enter a host chromosom, so there must be mechanisms that digest this
  foreign DNA.(If I'm not wrong.)
  Let me further explain, when a tumor virus (such as polyoma virus)
  enters a non-permissive host cell,it transforms the cell so it 
  becomes a cancer cell and propagate many times.and in all these 
  cells the viral DNA remains intact.How is this possible?
  (I do hope you'll excuse me if my question is so simple, because
   I'm just a first year student and my knowledge is so limited.)
  Thank you very much in advance.
                                 sanazt at neda.net.ir    

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