Properties of some Asian woods for apartment floor....?

Chris Fama Chris.Fama at
Fri Apr 12 16:30:56 EST 1996


I've had the following message from a relative of mine:

"Do you have any contacts in the Botany department who could find out
for me what the following species are:

Shorea Obtusa
Sindora Siamensis

I would like to know what the common name are (if any) and what type of wood. I
have been offered the choice as parquet for my apartment floor in Bangkok but
can't find a translation into English except for these species names."

Alas, I have no Botany contacts, nor has a web search turned up
anything really useful, nor the local Biological Sciences library.

Can anyone point me to some information that is likely to be useful?
E.g., references, web-sites.....   I apologise for the vagueness of
the request ("e.g., type of wood" - !), but I imagine that your guess
as to what someone choosing woods for an apartment floor is interested
in would be as good as mine!  (My relative is moving to Bangkok from
London later this year.  He loves the place.  [I've never been
there..... someday ....!])

I don't know whether our local newsfeed carries these groups, but
probably would miss followups, so I'd *really* appreciate either
responses by mail, or mailed copies of postings.  I *will* post a
summary of any replies, though.

Thanks a lot!

Cheers, Chris
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