frequent nosebleeds

Sue Won So sso at
Fri Apr 12 18:16:56 EST 1996

Mr. Kline:

I have a close friend (male) who also had very frequent nosebleeds as a 
child (about once a week).   He did and still gets them at any time of the 
day.  His doctor told him that he is prone to them b/c his vessels 
were close to the surface and that it was not a serious problem.  

While he still gets nosebleeds (he's 26 now) they are not as frequent.  
They're down to about one every month (at the most).  They don't affect his 
lifestyle and he's quite use to them.

But as always, get a physician to check him out.

Good luck,


On Fri, 12 Apr 1996, Mark Kline wrote:

> My son, who is almost 10 suffers from frequent nosebleeds, (3x a
> month) the last time mas during the middle of the night. He is
> otherwise a very healthy kid. 
> Is there something I need to do, can this be a symptom of something
> more serious,?
> Mark Kline
> kline at

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