frequent nosebleeds

williams williams at
Sat Apr 13 00:41:38 EST 1996

I also had this problem when i was a kid, really bad nose bleeds.  I 
friend of ours came over one day, she is a nurse and told us to put an 
ice pack on the back of the neck, i think, it's been 20+ years ago. well 
i finally went the the Navy hospitol (my dad was in the Navy at the time) 
and they cauterized the inside of my nose, which wasn't any fun at all 
and help get id of almost all the nose bleeding.  I would buy a 
humidifier first and see if this solves the problem, also try saline 
solution that comes in a mist type bottle to keep the nasal passages 
moist.  any other ideas consult your ear, nose and throat doctor.

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