frequent nosebleeds

Jenn Kassie jkassie at
Fri Apr 12 22:04:35 EST 1996

Mark Kline wrote:
> My son, who is almost 10 suffers from frequent nosebleeds, (3x a
> month) the last time mas during the middle of the night. He is
> otherwise a very healthy kid.
> Is there something I need to do, can this be a symptom of something
> more serious,?

I also suffered frequent nosebleeds as a child - I was examined by a 
doctor, who "threatened" to pack my nose, at which point they stopped. :) 
 Actually, it turned out that it was an allergic reaction to aspirin, 
which tends to thin the blood (that's why they're good blood-clot 
preventers).  That could be a possiblity for your son.  Now I stick with 

In the meantime, get a humidifier for his room - I had a series of 
nosebleeds this January which cleared up as soon as I got steam going in 
my previously arrid room.

Good luck,
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