Effect of heparin-treated blood to body

Park Seung Kyu skpark at POST.MIYAZAKI-MED.AC.JP
Sun Apr 14 18:38:31 EST 1996

Dear Everyone:

    I wrote the same article on cardiovascular newsgroup of this BioSci. 
But I cannot get any answer. So, I repost it in here, one of the active 
newsgroup of BioSci. Every kinds of comments or direction would be 

    If we treat heparin on blood to do not coagulate, what could be 
appened in the body. I suppose that, because the large amount of heparin 
is treated for sufficent blocking of coagulation, though almost of all 
platelet is destroyed, blood can be circulated without any coagulation. 
But there must be some problems because breaking down ofplatelet induces 
some physiological circumstance of circulation system. I am looking 
foward to recieve your any kinds of reply.

Sincerely yours,
SK Park

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