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>>>...If the United States moves to balance its budget without tackling
>>>the areas where it actually spends three-quarters of the money
>>>-- defence and manditory health and social security programmes
>>>-- then science spending will be crushed, along with much else of
>>>value that the federal government does.  
>>Nice to see some straight talking on the subject.
>We need to get the government to ease out of both funding and control
>of research, and to encourage private funding by both for-profit and
>non-profit voluntary organizations.  

Yes, by all means!  We need more of the high-quality research that altruistic
and efficient private enterprises provide.  Let the fine, objective and
painstaking work done by the tobacco industry on the pharmacology of nicotine
addiction and tobacco-related health risks, along with the candor and openness
with which they selflessly shared the fruits of their labor, stand as a
shining example of what we can expect from such a glorious future.

>The government should never have gotten into it in the first place.
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