Marc Andelman drgonfly at
Fri Apr 19 09:17:17 EST 1996

> I just took a world tour of a really large industry to
licence an invention, and found to my amaze what little 
research goes on in some very large companies.  However,
in my humble opinion (as a non reconstructed confederate) ,
this should  not be used as an excuse for yet more federal
intervention in our lives.  Perversly,  federal dollars
can actually protect old technologies, by paying for the
continuation of research into ancient and thoroughly hackneyed
technology.  Who needs another paper in ion exchange chromatography,
for example.  Here in Massasuchetts, you can probably still
get a degree in textiles, fifty years after that industry
moved to Dixie. Therefore, government money enables the
academic departments to train students in atiquated technology,
who then all give each other jobs at their steadily sinking
industries, until the bean counters finnaly take an account
of what they are really getting from these academicly oriented 
corporate scientists. This is why Mobil oil, Exxon, and increasingly
AT&T, IBM and other top line companies no longer support
	The other important issue;  some of us do not want
a command economy controlled by central burearocrats, an idea
that one would think has been thouroughly discredited.

Marc Andelman

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