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>	The other important issue;  some of us do not want
>a command economy controlled by central burearocrats, an idea
>that one would think has been thouroughly discredited.
>Marc Andelman

What makes you think a bunch of MBA petty central bureaucrats is going
to do any better a job than a bunch of PolySci petty central
bureaucrats? I may not trust government much, but I trust corporations
to look out for my views even less.

Just look at all the fine basic research on the health benefits of
tobacco put out by RJR-Nabisco and friends.  Or all the wonderful work
being done on global warming by Exxon.  Or all the prominent studies on
acid rain in the 80's done by Alcoa.

Or, to take a [real this time] counter-example, look at all the
projections in the 80's that really were published on how clean air
standards now in place would ruin our gas mileage, put 10% of the
country out of work, and would not accomplish anything since all
pollution comes from natural sources like termites and cow.  Government
is watched closely, because if they screw up there's always someone
else who wants to fill [or eliminate] the job.  If AT&T screws up, they
just fire 40000 people and rake in the stock options.


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