software program to compare DNA sequences?

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Fri Apr 19 20:13:03 EST 1996

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> I teach grade 12 biology and am looking for a software program which my students can use to compare gene sequences from different organisms.

There is a DNA and protein sequence analysis software package (called Seqaid) which is 
distributed as shareware.  It may do much of what you want.  It is distributed by:

D.J. Roufa and D.D. Rhoads
Division of Biology
Ackert Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan KS  66506
(913) 532-6641

You can try downloading it from:


Another type of program allows you to build evolutionary trees of relatedness among a group of 
sequences.  I don't know where to get any of them as shareware or freeware, but I recall one 
being titled PAUP.  Not sure where to get it, I'm afraid.

Are you aware of ENTREZ, the sequence database available online from NCBI?  You can use a web 
browser to reach it at or download a version of it from

Hope this helps!

Bruce Amsden
bamsden at

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