What's interesting in biology?

RJames7072 rjames7072 at aol.com
Sun Apr 21 18:43:40 EST 1996

With all of these cellular and molecular biologists providing their
professional input, I thought you might want to hear from a wildlife
biologist's perspective.  To me, animal behavior, especially in the field,
can be quite fascinating.  As others have suggested, Scientific American
can be a good place to start.  Classical experiments with gulls and
stickleback fishes have been reported.  My favorite area is avian
behavioral ecology, which a fancy way of saying: How do birds relate to
their environment.  I would suggest for you to go to a park, or a wildlife
refuge with a bird field guide from a library or bookstore and spend a
little time observing birds and other wildlife.  Start asking questions
about what you see and why.  For example, why do you see some bird species
in some habitats and not others?   Biology is a very broad and
interdisipinary field as well as a fascinating one.  Good luck!

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