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>Excellent.  So let's just summarize what we've learned so far.
>(1) You believe that the government should stop spending money on
>research, but you see nothing contradictory with using things that came
>from government-funded research.
>(2) Now that you have gone through public-funded primary and secondary
>education, you feel that the public should stop funding these things.
>(3) You think that your (college) education "would not have been affected"
>by removing government funding for research and education. 
>(4) You believe that the government has spent "darn little basic cancer
>(5) Your position is that more money should be spent on basic research,
>but that the government should spend less.
>(6) You think that disease research should be provided by private
>organizations such as the March of Dimes, annual budget generously in the
>millions, rather than the National Institutes of Health, annual budget
>exceeding $10 billion.
>(7) You imagine that particle accelerators and the Hubble Space Telescope
>were not funded by the government.
>(8) You believe that the government "eradicated [the] long term base" of
>(9) You think that medical research was better off in the 1920's than it
>is today.
>(10) You believe that the US government would "bring in troops" to stop a
>private company from participating in "real space activities" and that
>"government regulations" prevent "tens of millions" of people from funding
>these activities.
>So you have shown yourself to be ignorant of the basics of logic (1),
>fairness (2), fiscal reality (3), cancer research (4), simple addition
>(6), historical fact (7),(9), and law (10).  Is there anything else that
>you want to show us, or do you think it might be smart to quit while
>you're ahead?

   In addtion to all of the above, Troy, Herman works for  a 
STATE SUPPORTED institution and gets paid by the TAXPAYER.  
How does that grab you?  I think he should practice what he
preaches and quit his job.  In the meantime, he is just blowing
hot air.


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