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In article <4lgj62$2ue8 at> hrubin at (Herman Rubin) writes:
>>Non-profit organizations are notorious being vulnerable to bad management and
>>abuse.  Many are fine and deserving organizations that are well managed.  But
>>there are many others that use the charities as money-making schemes.  Every
>>week, it seems, there are reports of some charity or other busted for fraud or
>>denounced becuase more than 90% of the funds go to "overhead,"
>These are small potatoes.  The misappropriation of Red Cross funds did
>not particularly hurt the functioning of the Red Cross; other actions
>they took did, but these did not involve misappropriation or diversion
>of funds.

Just checking - did you really mean Red Cross or were you referring to the
United Way fiasco?

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