Immune response and fever

Mr. P.F. Linehan plinehan at
Wed Apr 24 04:15:06 EST 1996

In article <199604231725.NAA23796 at> leoncem at ("Michelle L. Leonce") writes:
>What is the body trying to accomplish by causing fever as part of the 
>immune response? Is this somehow linked to inflammation as there is often 
>a raise in temperature at the site of infection, such as at a cut on the 
>finger? Thanks for any help in pointing me to a possible resource in 
>answering in these questions.

the body is trying to defeat the organism causing the infection (obvious
huh?). The reason for the temperature rise is that presumably the 
organism causing the infection grows best at 37C so by raising the 
temp, the organism is no longer at its optimal growth temp and hence
easier to defeat. Just an idea!


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