Glutathione peroxidase...HELP!

Patrick patrick at
Thu Apr 25 16:06:07 EST 1996

I have been searching for ANY reference that addresses the means by which
glutathione peroxidase (GPx) is targeted to the mitochondria.  So far, I
have been able to find innumerable references that indicate that GPx is
located extracellularly, cytosolically, and _in_the_mitochondria_ (matrix
and intermembrane space).  I have not, however, been able to find a single
reference that indicates how GPx is targeted to the matrix.  I HAVE found
a reference indicating that phospholipid GPx (PH-GPx) has two translation
start sites, the first includes a mitochondrial targeting sequence, but
PH-GPx is a different form of GPx, quite different from soluble GPx which
is in the matrix and in the cytosol (and which I am interested in). 

Thus far, I can only assume that GPx is regulated in the same way...via 
two translation start sites within a single gene transcript but I have 
nothing to back this up.  

Can anyone direct me to a reference which would clear this up for me?  I 
REALLY need to know how it is targeted to the mitochondria. Multiple 
searches via Medline (mol. bio. subset AND protein subset) have turned
up nothing.  Pulling up references from references from references that 
mention GPx in the mitochondria also do not mention anything about how 
the enzyme got there in the first place.

Thank you for any help,

poneil at
patrick at

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