losing species

Ralf Bischoff bisch at zfn.uni-bremen.de
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I see what you mean. But I think you are more optimistic than me.
What I meant was an equilibrium without the human species.
You mentioned that we have to reach carrying capacity to reach 
an equilibrium. My opinion is that the carrying capacity has 
been reached a long time ago (maybe 100 years) so what we have
now is much more than the earth and many of the other species
on it can cope with at this equilibrium, I mean at this
state of Ecosystem. 
So a changed Ecosystem will have some new parameters like
a little warmer than now and a little more UV-radiation and the
species on earth will get adapted to it. This will be some new
species of course and some of those we have now will become
Hope you see this is an optimistic kind of view too.

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