Requesting health info on EMF and snakebites

j5wd at j5wd at
Fri Apr 26 15:33:01 EST 1996

Hi folks:
    I'm looking for medical and health advice about working for long periods 
of time under power lines.  My job this summer will entail performing 
vegetation surveys under power lines 8hours/day, 6days/week.  As far as my 
physical health is concerned, do I have anything to fear and if so, how can I 
protect myself?

   Because I will be working in California, I may also have to deal with 
rattlesnake bites.  I would like to know how long you can be put out of work 
if bitten (assuming quick treatment with snake bite kit) and whether a trip to 
the hospital is necessary following any bite (after use of snake bite kit).  
Thanks in advance to all those who respond!

If possible, please respond before April 30, 1996.

Stephen Kull

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