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> >>The Japanese are not funding much research; they are funding development.
> >>Research does not often produce products directly.  Sometimes it take
> >>decades or even centuries for research to have useful results.
> >The US and Japan are the top two countries in per-capita spending on
> >basic research.  I see articles from japanese universities every time I
> >go through journals.  May I humbly suggest that you really have no idea
> >what you're talking about here?

> Perhaps people remember my post about my basement lab and
how I am having trouble with a big , arrogant,nasty DOE lab that
files sloppy patents that do not quote me as prior art and then 
calling me bad names in the press.  This is for a much needed
water purification technology (and is for real, not intended
for some flaky start up where everyone is left holding the
bag except the MIT prof and venture capitalists who sold stock.)

Anyway, on the subject ot Japan, these people flew me out
right away.  All you have to do is get blind stinking drunk
with them and eat raw fish, and they will licence a worthwhile 
technology.  They are much easier to deal with than americans,
and are very honorable people.  They value personal integrity
and merit. They patented a loophole on my original gizmo,
which they assigned to me , that will cause the most problems
for the big american lab.  It is too bad to  use the Japanese
this way against the US of A, but, if the government is going
to through it's weight against the people, you need any friend
you can find.

By the way, when fatal attraction came out, it struck
a real nerve.  Everyone there cheats on their wives.
However, this is not looked down upon.  Sue Wong and
other people here would go ballistic if they saw how women
are treated there.  If you bump women them on a train, they
giggle.  However, the old ladies in the village were pretty
cool and fairly ran village life.

Marc Andelman

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