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Sat Apr 27 17:13:19 EST 1996

***Attention:  Directors & Managers of Human Resources, Personnel,
Training Internal OD Consultants & Analysts Management Consultants
Business Owners Executives***

DISCOVER THE POWER OF "20/20 INSIGHT" and 'SEE' what you are missing!

Do you achieve consistently high levels of performance from the people
in your organization?  The latest developments in performance feedback
technology will assist you in evaluating, tracking, and improving your
organization's performance.

"20/20 Insight" can be your organization's key to effective training
programs and performance coaching.  Implementing the latest in network
feedback technology provides powerful solutions for both "Help Desk",
"Call Center", technical, administrative, and executive management
"teams"!  To learn more about performance management systems,
including how to implement a 360 feedback system, mark your calendar
for May 6-10, 1996 and make plans to attend "Feedback Horizons!"

For more information please contact our web site at:


Thank you for your kind attention.

AssessTech Consultants

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