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In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.960426000614.14395B-100000 at howard> Patrick <patrick at> writes:
>On Sun, 21 Apr 1996, george conklin wrote:
>> >So you have shown yourself to be ignorant of the basics of logic (1),
>> >fairness (2), fiscal reality (3), cancer research (4), simple addition
>> >(6), historical fact (7),(9), and law (10).  Is there anything else that
>> >you want to show us, or do you think it might be smart to quit while
>> >you're ahead?
>>    In addtion to all of the above, Troy, Herman works for  a 
>> STATE SUPPORTED institution and gets paid by the TAXPAYER.  
>> How does that grab you?  I think he should practice what he
>> preaches and quit his job.  In the meantime, he is just blowing
>> hot air.
>He is also a statistician which is not science, and he speaks of science 
>and scientific research for which he is unqualified.
>I work in one of those gov't-funded labs that doesn't do "basic cancer 
>research."  We also don't do basic research on HIV...we only examine the 
>underlying mechanisms involved in mutation which leads to 1) cancer, and 
>2) progression to AIDS in HIV infected patients.  Is THAT basic enough?  
>Is that studying the underlying basis of each?  All this with government 
>I got where I am by attending public universities with student aid from 
>the government.  First, I received a GOV'T scholarship in the AFROTC 
>which permitted me to attend university in the first place (not all 
>people are rich enough to go to college without government financial 
>aid).  The only reason my older sister and younger brother could also 
>attend is because of government financial aid.  
>I served many good years in the Air Force (fought in Desert Storm) and
>earned further government educational aid in the form of Montgomery GI
>Bill which made it possible for me to afford to go to college for a couple
>of years after seperation from the military in order to bring myself up to
>speed on the state of molecular biology and biochemistry.  Now this same
>government-based aid allows me to live while I work on my Phd (because a
>stipend in Salt Lake City doesn't go very far).  Government funding allows
>me to study mutation mechanisms in HIV. I EARNED every dime I received 
>from the government and I made good use of every bit of it.
>Hardly a waste of tax dollars.  Hardly ill-spent money.
>This guy sounds like a perfect Republican...someone who would really like 
>to save education only for the children of those who are able to afford it,
>like rich Republican senators and their big-business buddies.  This would 
>be the perfect means to set up what they really appear to desire: a gaping 
>class separation (Those who run things, are rich, and educated vs those 
>who labor, follow directions without question, and are ignorant).  
>There are a LOT of average American students who would not be in college 
>at all if it weren't for government support and funding.
>As for business supporting research, they are ONLY interested in what 
>will make a buck NOW.  They are not interested in real scientific results 
>that might hurt the "bottom line" (like facts that smoking is harmful, or 
>that oil drilling in wilderness areas is harmful to species, or that auto 
>emissions are a health risk, or that greenhouse gase emissions are 
>affecting the global environment, or that CFCs undergo very well 
>understood chemical reactions with ozone when split by UV radiation into 
>reactive radical species, etc, etc).  
>The government has deeper pockets than most non-profit organizations and
>can support broader basic research than other entities. The research that 
>comes out of government labs is some of the best in the world.  

   I hope Herman reads your post.  He should really resign from
Purdue University if he feels that public education cannot
educate.  In the meantime, good luck with your medical research.
It is from people like you we will find the cures to diseases.
Too bad most of the money is in treatment, not research.


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