Advice on teaching microscopes

Leslie Gartner lgartner at
Sat Apr 27 21:48:50 EST 1996


We have been using Olympus microscopes for our graduate students for the 
past 5 years. They are absolutely wonderful. (We used AO microscopes prior 
to that for about 26 years and they were fantastic, nothing ever went 
wrong with them either.) The Olympus lenses are unbelievably good 
(considering the prices). 

My favorite microscope is a Nikon (which I used to take photomicrographs 
for my Color Atlas of Histology), but it was $10,000 eleven years ago so 
it's not exactly for student use.

Good luck with your decision.

Les Gartner
Dental School
University of Maryland
Baltimore, MD

On Thu, 25 Apr 1996, Richard Cyr wrote:

> We are planning on purchasing new microscopes for our introductory biology labs
> .  The top runners are the Nikon YS2, the Leitz ATC2000, the Zeiss Model 16, an
> d the Olympus CH2.  Optically, they are comparable.  The decision comes down to
>  wear and tear by eager, yet brutal, UGs.  Any advice by experienced users woul
> d be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Richard Cyr
> RJC8 at

lgartner at

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