TRUTH: Crackpot Faraday and Funding

Alexander Berezin berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Sun Apr 28 20:22:30 EST 1996

On Sun, 28 Apr 1996, Patrick wrote:

> On 27 Apr 1996, Gregory R. Harriman wrote:
> [...]
> > of more than one Nobel Prize, if he [ Faraday ] were living 
> today he would not be able to do state of the art science in 
> physics, electromagnetism or whatever with equipment from the 
>> distant past.  

If Faraday were to live now he won't discover anything worth
several Nobel prizes, not even a tiny fraction of single one. 

He would have spend all his time and mental abilities 
writing grant proposals for stupid, arrogant, narrow minded, 
conformistic and 'we know it all already' peer review funding 
panels in vain efforts to secure salary for his only 
technician and the cost of some few coils for his experiments.

Unlikely he would succeed.
He would have been very poor grant applicant because 
the main premis of his numerous grant applications (that 
the effects of electricity, magnetism and optics are related) 
is alrady well known to all TRUE scientists as a crackpot 
assumption long ago refuted by the compentent peer review.

His would have spend the rest of his days begging for 
change and than drinking in pubs with the ex-geologist and 
incompetent biologist Charles Darwin whose nonsenical crackpot 
proposals to prove the origin of man from the apes were 
similarly refuted and ridiculed by all peer reviewers who 
didn't even have a need to read them for this matter.
Alex Berezin

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