Corynebacterium media/habitat?

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Mon Apr 29 09:44:09 EST 1996

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> I would like to hear from anyone who would know what media to 
> grow Corynebacteria on, specially C. tuberculostericum.
> I would also like to know what the natural habitat of these
> bacteria is.
> If you know or can tell me where to find these answers, please
> reply.
> Many thanks.
> David Brittain
> Veterinary Sciences Division

Corynebacteria are commonly found on the mucous membranes of the upper
respiratory tract i.e. nose and throat, and some species are present on the
skin. I don't know about tuberculostericum, but you can grow other
Corynebacteria on blood or chocolate agar plates at 37 degrees C.
Deborah Britt, Ph.D.
Medical Oncology
RI Hospital/Brown University

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