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The latest in a series of appx. fifty essays on scientific careers is
available on the BIO-Online database. This newest entry is "Building Your
Library For Success," which deals with a topic that many scientists find
quite frustrating: getting genuinely helpful information about the topic
of scientific careers.

In this article, David G. Jensen, Managing Director of Search Masters
International (Sedona, AZ) describes six of the books which have most
influenced him over his career as an author and executive recruiter for
the biotechnology industry. These books cover territory in three distinct
areas: Skills for the Contributing Scientist (those who don't manage
others yet), Skills for the Manager, and Skills for Life. 

In the Skills for the Contributing Scientist section, Jensen reviews the
books "Intrapreneuring" and "Getting Things Done When You Are Not In
Charge." Both of these books deal with the improvement of skills to work
well with others. Particularly in the inter-disciplinary environment of
industry, good skills in this area are a prerequisite for career success. 

"Six Thinking Hats" and "Managing Professional People" are the two books
reviewed in the section for managers. These two have common ground in that
they point the way towards directing the creative flow when managing teams
of scientists.

Lastly -- and Jensen believes most importantly -- is the area of Skills
for Life, in which he reviews two texts on self-improvement and success.
These two are "Peak Performers", the study of high-performance individuals
in business and science, and "You Can Get Anything You Want -- But You
Have To Do More Than Ask." The latter book deals with the topic of
negotiation and how all of life's many negotiating opportunities can be
better dealt with when armed with this author's tools. 

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