Life on Mars 4 billion years ago: ?? Where was it published?

Brian J Schaufenbuel schauf at
Wed Aug 7 22:05:09 EST 1996

>> I just heard in the news that someone just published findings which
>> indicate the possiblity of simple life forms on Mars 4 billion years ago  Is this
>> anything serious? Where was it published?
>The ABC network news last night said it is published in Science (a 
>somewhat respectable journal -- sarcastic grin included). I have (my 
>latest) 2 August issue in front me and it does not have the story. But 
>then again the media tend to hear about these stories before the issue 
>gets to subscribers. So I'd guess -- look in the 9 August issue.

That's right, it will be in the next issue of Science.

- Brian J Schaufenbuel
  schauf at

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