EM: ultramicrotomes

FRANCISCO J HERNANDEZ BLAZQUEZ fzea - zab 0195 616122 - 283 fjhblazq at usp.br
Sat Aug 10 08:47:33 EST 1996

I'm looking for a good ultramicrotome, 
In Brazil I only know the Leica representatives

Does anyone have experience with Leica ultramicrotomes?
What equipment do you recommend ?

How may I contact the firms who sell ultramicrotomes?
If a company has this equipment for sell, please 
send me a message, fax or letter.

I would be very grateful for any answer.
Francisco Javier Hernandez Blazquez        |        
Universidade de Sao Paulo - Faculdade de   | e-mail fjhblazq at spider.usp.br 
Zootecnia e Engenharia de Alimentos        | Voice: 55 195 616122 r. 265
Departamento de Ciencias Basicas/Histologia|                      r. 278
Av. Duque de Caxias Norte, 225    CP 23    | Fax:   55 195 618606
CEP 13630-000 Pirassununga (Sao Paulo)     | 	    
BRAZIL 	                                   |

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