Moloculer bonding

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Fri Aug 16 16:11:19 EST 1996

Mark Crowe (mark.crowe at wrote:
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: > Is it possible to bond metal ellements such as steel with skin cells.
: > I'm not much of a biologist but was very curios as to this subject.  Any 
: > info at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.
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: Try Superglue - works every time for me ;-)

	There are also ways to encourage skin cells or other tissue to
bond with biomaterials.  These involve both the composition and the shape
of the material.  I'm afraid that I have no referrences at present, but
I just heard a talk by Ron Gronsky at the Microscopy Society of America
meeting in which this was discussed.  BTW, steel is not an element, but
is an alloy (which Ron also pointed out).
				Bill Tivol

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