Need scientific article reference software

Dag Stenberg stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI
Tue Aug 20 01:38:04 EST 1996

Brad Brush <biomedic at> wrote:
> We are looking for bibliograhpic software for our science references. 
> ...
> It's one outstanding point is that when it came to output, it had a large list 
> of periodicals that it could output your list into, automatically changing the 
> order authors, pages etc. 
> ...
> that is Windows based, and (wishfully) can also download references from the 
> leading online science reference sources

You might find that Reference Manager for Windows is what you want.
It is from
	Research Information Systems
	Camino Corporate Center, 2355 Camino Vida Roble
	Carlsbad, CA 92009-1572 USA
	phone (619) 438-5526
	fax (619) 438-5573
	risinfo at
I think there is a downloadable demo.

We have been using this program for about 5 years, and never look back.
The present version is even better than the previous ones.

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