apoptosis and cancer

Richard A. Lockshin yo_doc at usa.pipeline.com
Wed Aug 21 14:40:53 EST 1996

Aging, cancer, and apoptosis are not necessarily synonymous.  We  have
several articles on apoptosis and aging, and oncogenes and apoptosis, in
"Cell Aging and Cell Death", by N. Holbrook, G. Martin, and R. A. Lockshin,
Wiley-Liss, 1996.  Also, Andrew Wyllie, Scott Lowe, and Gerard Evan have
written extensively on relationship of oncogenes and cancer to apoptosis. 
You can do a literature search for these names.  See also articles by A.
Columbano.  I would suggest that you do a search for the combined key
words, as well as "cell death" or "programmed cell death". 
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>I am working on my masters thesis topic.  I need help.  Does anyone have  
>any advice on how to get info on the role of aging and cancer? Apoptosis  
>is one of the key words I am looking for. 
>My email is elie at outsource-labs.com 
Richard A. Lockshin

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