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Beverly Erlebacher bae at
Thu Aug 22 10:54:58 EST 1996

In article <4vght7$s90 at> joehern at J Hernandez) writes:
>    Maybe i am in the wrong group, and if i am please forgive my
>    I am currently writing a kiddie show that has a medical theme with
>specific virii and microbes in it (as characters). I want to give
>accuarte information regarding the subject. Can anyone please tell me
>of any online reference sites or specifically information on the common
>cold, Typhus, bacteria in general, are there any helpful or "good"
>viruses, chicken pox, salmonella, and white blood cells. 
>    All help will be greatfully appreciated and who knows? maybe
>recognition in the scripts!

See if you can find the book "Pirates of the Cell" for a good introduction
to virology.  Unfortunately I can't remember the author's name but he/she
is a virologist.  Despite the hokey title, it's written at a good level
for the intelligent layman.

Hope this helps.

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