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Thu Aug 22 17:32:08 EST 1996

Try Endnote/Endlink from Niles and Associates...

works well with Microsoft Word...


Brad Brush (biomedic at wrote:
: We are looking for bibliograhpic software for our science references. We had 
: previously used PAPERBASE, a product from Wight Scientific in England. I was a DOS 
: program originating in the mid 1980s. It was a fast and simple program that 
: prompted you for entry of authors last names and initials, article, journal, year, 
: etc. It's one outstanding point is that when it came to output, it had a large list 
: of periodicals that it could output your list into, automatically changing the 
: order authors, pages etc. It also had a customization option for those esoteric 
: journals. However, this may not be appropriate any longer.

: We need a program that does all the above, and are looking in addition, for one 
: that is Windows based, and (wishfully) can also download references from the 
: leading online science reference sources, i.e. Medline, Current Contents, 
: Biological Abstracts, etc. Of course it must offer the variable output mentioned 
: above that PAPERBASE had. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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