Free software claims tracking and filing

Tue Aug 27 19:10:09 EST 1996

Sorry for the net intrusion. This is the only way we can give away 
millions of copies of this valuable software to short circuit a legal 
challenge. Delete this message if you don't need lower rates or type 
remove in reply. We are trying to level the playing field with the 
insurance industry. Everyone knows someone who works for a company 
which needs lower rates or is facing an audit. Distribute freely.   800-444-5889

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Responsible insurance carriers - give this program to all your policy holders.
Companies providing business services can link to our page to give this program for free.
Agents and accountants - provide your clients with a cost saving tool.
Businesses - take control. Capping Workers Compensation costs is not brain surgery.

The more of these programs which are given out, the sooner that costs will lower for all American companies. You can make as many copies of this program as you like for other businesses in your area where your friends, spouses, colleagues or children wor
k. Lowering the costs of administering claims and filings is one quick and easy way to begin lowering your premiums.

We have been committed to leveling the playing field for companies who are forced to buy Workers Compensation insurance. There is much that can be easily done to lower costs. The insurance claims tracking and claims filing software which we are providing
 for free from the above web site has only been available to Fortune 1000 companies previously because of the outrageous costs, easily into the thousands of dollars. We can fax you prices of comparable products as compiled by a Compensation and Benefits 
Software Census.
This is valuable technology. Read what Windows magazine and Accounting Technology magazine had to say.

Congress and politicians do not appear to have the will to fix the system. We are doing our part. Change will come from market forces. The more business consumers know about their policies and the more they participate in their administration and managem
ent of risk, the sooner responsible carriers will be able to offer fair product at a fair price.

Hopefully you will never have to file a claim (your rates will just go up) but if you do, you now will have the tools that large companies use to lower their costs. Just go get the program at .

*We apologize for any inconvenience you may feel. Contacting you by email is the fastest way for us to deciminate technology that the insurance industry should be providing automatically. Type in Remove in an email reply and we will remove you from the m
ailing lists we have been provided. For anyone truly offended by this offer of free software, please contact us directly, and we will do anything humanly possible to satisfy your request.

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