Troels Wind wind at
Tue Aug 27 05:53:31 EST 1996

Eleftheropulos George (restefel at wrote:
: Dear all,

: I am a student of the Medical School Of Athens.
: I am working on a project regarding the role of platelets receptors.
: Libraries here in Greece have limited resources.
: I heard that I can find information on the Internet, but I am a little bit 
: lost. 
: Can you advise where and how I can get more information on the web or from 
: other newsgroups.

You can use Medline directly via the net, there you may surch for
any topic of interest. You can't, however, see the whole article,
only the abstract, so you would still need a library...

I can't remember the URL for Medline, but do a searh (Webcrawler, Lycos etc.)
for 'Medline' and you will find it.

Good luck.


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