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Laurie Davison ldavison at
Tue Dec 3 16:44:02 EST 1996

   I'm new to this list, so I've missed a great deal of this thread... If 
I'm reading this correctly, though, it seems that you're wondering 
whether some behaviors might be heritable and if so, then whether the 
frequency of occurrence of a behavioral trait may be greater or leser due 
to race? If I've got you wrong, feel free to delete this post:)
   My response would be that behavior has both a genetic and a learned 
potential. I'm no psychologist, but I'm sure that if you look into some 
of the research being done with behavioral disorders you'll find that 
many have a genetic cause or predisposition. My feeling is that, like any 
genetic trait, the gene frequency may certainly vary with race. 
   I wasn't quite sure I understood your reference to possible 
discrimination based upon behavior, however... I think I may catch 
your drift, but for my sake, could you explain before I answer and find 
I'm way off track?

Laurie Davison

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