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DentlCare Management, Inc. (DentlCare) is a publicly listed Nevada corporation founded for the purpose of acquiring dental health care facilities nationwide.  DentlCare has developed a model for the delivery of quality dental care to all segments of  its population.  DentlCare and subsidiaries provide innovative services and products to the dental marketplace, at affordable rates.

"Given the rapid success of this concept, it’s no surprise that Wall Street has latched on to it.  In the past year eight PPMs have gone public, raising over $350 million in new capital.  Many of the stocks sell at better than 35 times earnings.  Some, like Med-Partners, are closer to 70 times."  Forbes Magazine, September 1995.

The DentlCare model provides a fully-operational dental health care facility and all management support to the dental professional on a "turn key" basis.  Because of its managerial efficiency and the volume of business created by aggressive advertising to the "fee-for-service patient" and participation in "managed care" dental plans, the model generates higher than average operating margins.

DentlCare provides business and practice management services to dentists through its wholly owned subsidiaries, which currently manage twelve fully operational clinics, along with one mobile dental team.  Through these contractual relationships, the Company manages the financial, administrative and marketing activities, allowing Dentists to concentrate on the delivery of high quality, affordable dental care to their patients.  The success of these operations indicates that the same concepts can be duplicated in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.  The clinics are to be located in those regions of the country where the demographics support a high volume operation, mainly in large metropolitan areas or in cities where the percent of residents over age 65 exceeds 15% of the total population, or in areas which have strong Managed Care programs.

The Company’s target market is the estimated 60% of the American public that do not have a dentist.  They will go to one only if they are in pain.  As badly as they need regular dental care, they avoid it because they are afraid of pain, expense, and humiliation.  The Company has so successfully addressed these three fears that 90% of the fee-for-service customer base are patients who have previously avoided regular dental care.

We believe this is a timely opportunity to invest on the ground floor of a new company with explosive growth potential.

Symbol:  DCMI
Exchange Listed: OTC: Bulletin Board
Shares Outstanding:  10.7 million
Current Price:  $3.00

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